'The Great Flood of 2016'

                              So much destruction, so much lost, so many lives in shreds; yet we have seen so

                              many wonderful things. Neighbor helping neighbor, strangers extending the hand                                 of help and friendship,  communities forgetting their differences and coming together for the greater good.

Yes, I'm running for Justice of the Peace in Ascension Parish 2nd District, but the "Great Flood of 2016' has changed my present campaign goals. Instead of contributing to my campaign, I ask you to instead use those same resources to help those in our community and parish in need. Our community is what is important right now; lives being pieced back together, a sense of normalcy being restored, that's what I'm campaigning for now.  

Please do not misunderstand, I'm not backing down, I'm not quitting, I want to be your Justice of the Peace, that desire has never  wavered. With all the destruction we have experienced, a political campaign seems so petty, so selfish and honestly, down right offensive. My focus right now is not getting campaign contributions, shaking hands, meet and greets, etc., instead it's what I think is the right thing to do.....taking care of and helping my community. My company, Notary Depot, is charging no fees to cancel license plates for vehicles that were flooded and providing free notary services for SBA and FEMA required paperwork. 

I have no hidden agenda, I'm not playing games; that's a job for the members of the 'good ole boy network'; aka the parish 'machine'. I would much rather spend my energy, time and resources helping my neighbors, friends and community.

We've lost much and gained much at the same time. We have our friends, neighbors and our communities, in that, we are well and truly blessed; the rest will come in time. 

Prayers and blessings to all, please let me know if I can be of any assistance. 

Together, not only will we survive....