2nd Justice District, Ascension Parish


for Justice of the Peace, Nov.4, 2014

Change for the better is just a vote away; YOUR vote matters!

Please talk to your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends; ask everyone to get out to the polls. It's not just to cast your vote for me as YOUR new Justice of the Peace in Ascension Parish, it's important for our future in Washington.

As Americans, each and every one of us should have no excuse to not voice our opinion; exercise our right to vote our choice. Take the time, make the time, to cast your vote on November 4th, cast your vote for the future of Ascension Parish and the United States.

If you don't exercise your right to vote, you lose your right to fuss about the state of our economy, our government, etc. To not vote (=) you are okey dokey with the way things have been, where they are and where they are going. Think about it.


Notary with Statewide Jurisdiction

Owner/Manager Notary Depot, LLC
Member of Ascension Republican Women
Member, Louisiana Notary Association for 7 years
Board Member, Louisiana Notary Association for 6 years
Certified Instructor, Louisiana Notary Association for 5 years
Recipient of the Louisiana Notary Association 2014 Presidents Award
Married 26 years to Michael Alonso - U.S. Army Nurse/EMT -  Recently declared a Disabled Veteran
One child, Christina, graduate of the first graduating class of Dutchtown High School
Caregiver for abused/neglected parrots